Master of all trades. Jack of none.

Brighton and London, UK re-recording mixer and sound editor, also specializing in Foley, dialogue, FX editing, music recording, and music composition.

NEWS: We have been nominated in the "Best Short Sound" category in the Utah Film Awards for our work on Michelle Carpenter's film, "Klocked"! Read more here.

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Leslie Gaston-Bird AMPS, MPSE

Leslie is a sound engineer with over 30 years of experience in film, video, music, and radio. She is also Vice President for the Audio Engineering Society's Western Region (USA & Canada).


Joshua Kern

Joshua is a sound engineer and graduate from the University of Colorado Denver's Recording Arts program. He specializes in sound for film & television, live music, and recorded music.


Your Project. Our Passion.

We want to make your project sound the absolute best it can. We love the creative process and will treat your project with professionalism, attention, and care. We understand that you've poured a lot into telling your story - whether it be a film, a song, a commercial, or even a podcast. Let us help make it sound spectacular.